A little bit about me.

Nice to meet you, I'm Guy McCutcheon. I’m a freelance graphic designer with over seventeen years of industry experience based in Ballarat, Victoria. I specialise in design for both new and existing growing businesses, designing logos/corporate branding, websites, brochures, banners, book covers, apps, signage, packaging, presentations, advertising and everything in between. I absolutely love helping entrepreneurs translate their personality into their brands + designs. I've been running GM Designs for approximately 10 years now and it has made me realise my passion for helping other business owners find a way to stand out and evolve in the market place.

I have collaborated with many clients both locally, nationally and in fact internationally to produce award-winning design work. This has enabled me the opportunity to work on some exciting projects, along side some truely inspiring and amazing people.

I’ve been interested in art/design for as long as I can remember, but at such a young age I didn’t consider it for a career until after I had graduated at the University of Ballarat, now Federation Uni (with a BA in Graphic Design/Multimedia), landing my first job as a graphic designer with a design agency based in both Ballarat and Melbourne. This exciting opportunity enabled me the chance work in my local town prior to experience life Melbourne. These days, I can’t imagine a day without using or appreciating branding in some way. It’s become something I’m truly passionate about.

Guy McCutcheon | Director | Designer
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