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St Annes Winery

With 40 years' experience and family-owned passion, St Anne's Winery boasts an exciting range of premium wines.
Light toasty Chardonnay, herbaceous Sauvignon Blanc, spicy Shiraz, luscious Liqueur Muscat and our range of Tawny Ports which, in many ways, define us and, with consecutive show awards since first competing, our quality speaks loudly.

St Anne’s is committed to reducing our carbon footprint and operating sustainably. To this end we have adopted Organic Cultivation Practices – allowing sheep to roam free in specific vineyard blocks to reduce the weed load and the need for sprays.

Our Water Conservation sees us using drip irrigation and soil probes to precisely measure the amount of water needed. St Anne’s mulches our own organic winery waste under the vines to reduce soil moisture loss and improve the soil structure. We also have an on-site Water Recycling Plant that recycles 100% of the waste water generated by the winery and bottling plant.